“This class was amazing. I was in a very unclear zone with Kata and I learned how to be comfortable with my threshold of knowledge.”

“Beth was great! High energy & focused.”

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“I learned a fundamental of KATA & actually experienced how to implement and run kata.”

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June 13, 2016


ZF do Brasil Testimonial

Flavio Rosso

Executive Director

I had the privilege to meet Beth Carrington at the Kata skill camp at the University of Michigan. She was a great facilitator and opened my eyes to this new world of thinking.

Based upon her great results with my team, we decided to bring her down to Brazil to support the Advanced Group and deploy Kata to the whole manufacturing plant. 

Looking back, it was the best decision we have made. We would definitely have failed without her. She brought to the table not only the new pattern, but also her extensive background and expertise.  Beth is a master coach and is the go-to person for helping companies understand the scientific pattern approach and opening their eyes to the potential for a brighter future. 

“The daily review and “free form” discussion helped me understand many of the concepts on a deeper level.”